Campaign Update

It has been just over three months since I launched my campaign for the conservative nomination in Calgary Shepard. I have been door knocking weekdays and weekends, selling memberships, talking to residents and mobilizing members of the community for the nomination day.

In late February we held a very successful Block Party with just over 70 people dropping by. You can check out the pictures and find out more by clicking on the picture below. Thank you to everyone who dropped by and to all the volunteers to helped organize it!

Kicking off the campaign

We hosted an informal, family friendly block party in McKenzie Lake and the turnout was great for a Saturday evening before the 5AM Olympic gold medal hockey game. It was great to see so many residents come and join us including many I had met while doorknocking in their community over the past month. We're going to keep moving forward and meeting residents at their homes to see what are the issues of concern to them.

I'm looking forward to more campaigning and to building a bigger, better team of volunteers. As a past membership chair for Jason Kenney's conservative association, I know how to build the movement and get folks to join the Party to support conservative ideas. We need a strong conservative to represent our Party and the conservative movement. I will continue to promote family friendly ideas and strengthen families by enabling them to keep more of their money through lower taxes so they can raise their kids in the way they choose. Like I shared with residents who came that evening, I believe in free markets, strong fiscal discipline, and protecting individual freedoms. Strong families are the foundation of a strong Canada.

The violence in the Ukraine reminded me of what Poland was like in the 1980s. We are incredibly fortunate to live in Canada where we can campaign for political office without fear of reprisals or violence.


February 13 Fundraiser Recap

We had a great fundraiser on February 19 and I thought I should share some of the pictures from our event. We heard from our keynote speaker, Ted Morton, who spoke on North American energy issues including an analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing the energy industry.

Great crowd and a great Q&A session afterwards.

Thanks to everyone for coming!


Globe and Mail - Alberta's free-for-all nomination races reigniting Tories' old feuds

OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail

Conservative nomination battles are heating up in Alberta, home of some of Stephen Harper’s safest ridings, after the party committed to wide-open races leading up to the 2015 election.

The races are revealing old divides in Canada’s united political right, in some cases pitting those from the Conservative Party’s Reform and Progressive Conservative wings against each other.

Encouraging Organ Donation

Very interesting article by Timothy Caulfield, a Canada Research Chair at the University of Alberta in Health Law and Policy.

He notes Croatia's improvements and Israel's system as interesting points of study.