Bill 207 Passes!

The Human Tissue and Organ Donation Amendment Act was passed yesterday in the Assembly and received royal assent (meaning its law) and that is great news for families waiting for news on whether their loved one's are getting a lifesaving organ.


Thoughts from the Tory Convention

I spent a good part of last week, including the weekend, at the Tory convention surrounded by conservatives from across the country. Every variety of conservative with strong, passionate views on fiscal and social issues shared the hall of the BMO Centre in Calgary to debate the best ideas to put forward in anticipation of the next federal election. It's an energizing three days that makes me believe we are on the right path once again.

Memorial to Victims of Communism - I donated and so should you

I let it sit for a day or two, but the comments by Elizabeth May, Green Party leader and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, really irk me. Now everyone has the right to an ill informed opinion and they can most definitely convey it to others, but I would hope that leaders of political parties would know better. In Ms. May's case, its her inane comment and then lame defense when called out that I find ridiculous because its coming from someone who wants to be a national leader (and be taken seriously).

In the speech from the Throne delivered by Governor General David Johnston there is a mention that the Government of Canada will be committing funds towards the construction of a memorial to the victims of communism. Ms. May's lame quip led to this exchange (or rightly deserved barrage):

Mayoral races by the numbers

Now that nomination day is over and an immense amount of signs have come up everywhere I wanted to go through the mayoral numbers across Canada for the major cities. I've often heard that Mayor Nenshi is the most popular politician in Alberta (undeniable I think), but let's remember he was elected to his position by just about 1 in 5 eligible Calgarians. In comparison, Mayor Ford scored higher in Toronto (marginally) and the Harper Tories scored much higher in the 2011 federal election with 2 in 5 Calgarians voting Tory.

Kidney March 2013 Recap

I've been neglecting to post a brief recap of the Kidney March this year. It was a tough go this year, including a stolen Kidney Foundation cargo van, an RCMP police chase, a downpour on Saturday and cold winds as a bonus.

But it was all worth it.

With the help of generous donors, I raised $9,100 for Alport Syndrome research and the Alberta Children's Hospital KidneyKids team raised over $50,000.

Kidney March 2013 Starts Tomorrow

It's finally here, the start of the 4th Annual Kidney March. Some of the marchers will have completed their 400th kilometer and likely worn out a great pair of walking shoes by then. While the weather might not be too great over the weekend, I'm sure that Kidney-Oke night and the great people participating on the Crew team will be keeping us as dry as possible.

Thanks to the generous donations of over 70 people I am at nearly $8,000. All of those funds will go towards Alport Syndrome research as I've asked the Kidney Foundation to dedicate that funding towards that purpose.

Cutting edge research at Vanderbilt University

Last month, Vanderbilt University ran a fascinating article on cutting edge research being done by nephrologist William Fisell on implantable bioartificial kidneys. To say that an artificial kidney capable of being mass produced would drastically alter the quality of care (and lifespans) of kidney disease patients would be a big understatement. If Fissell manages to get his device to market by 2017 it would significantly alter the lifespan of kidney patients and give hundreds of thousands across North America a better outlook.

This is the type of research I'd like to see pursued by non-profits, venture funds, and crowd funded.

I wanted to make sure more people could read the article so I've copied it below in case the original link ever dies, the information will continue to exist on this page.

First Post: Kidney March and Alport Syndrome

I'm starting this blog to draw more attention for the need for more research on kidney disease. I've been debating the best way to raise awareness and get people talking about the subject. My family is personally impacted by kidney disease and I know what its like dealing with a diagnosis that completely changes your life.