Yiddish proverbs anyone?

The International Yiddish festival was in Tel Aviv this month. In honour of that, here’s a compilation of a couple of my favourite Yiddish proverbs.

Liberal government response to organ donation e-petition

The government has posted their official response to organ donation e-petition 642. A huge thanks to Shauna Rivait, the initiator of the petition, and the thousands of you who took the time to sign the petition and urge the government to support this life-saving legislation!


Following is their response:

"The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) extends its thanks to the petitioners for expressing their views with respect to organ and tissue donation.

Bill C-316 is a Private Members’ bill which seeks to amend the Canada Revenue Agency Act to authorize the CRA to enter into an agreement with a province or a territory regarding the collection and disclosure of information required for establishing or maintaining an organ donor registry in the province or territory.

Parliament’s consideration of a Private Members’ bill is determined by a specific process that follows the rules of Parliament. At the present time, Parliament has not yet scheduled Bill C-316 for consideration.

Should Bill C-316 be scheduled for consideration through the specific process mentioned above, the Government of Canada will review and respond to the bill. To respect the Parliamentary process, it would be premature for the Government of Canada to provide a position on Bill C-316 at this time. The petitioners may be assured that the CRA has taken note of the considerations they have presented and thanks them again for sharing their concerns."


Liberal budget is a plan to nickel-and-dime Canadians

OTTAWA – MARCH 22, 2017
Tom Kmiec, Member of Parliament for Calgary Shepard, issued the following statement today following the tabling of Budget 2017:
“Canadians were hoping for a better outcome from the Liberal budget announced today. At a time when Liberals are making life more expensive, Justin Trudeau could have offered lower taxes and a job creation plan that actually works.
“Instead, Canadians are getting nickel-and-dimed by this Prime Minister so he can continue to fund flawed Liberal ideas.
“The budget unveiled by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister today demonstrates very clearly that they simply don’t understand Canada’s middle class.
“Instead of raising taxes, Justin Trudeau should focus on supporting policies that will create jobs for young Canadians. In the last year Canadians aged 15-24 lost 42,000 full time jobs.
“Sadly, Liberal programs won’t help the vast majority of Canadian workers and businesses who now face much more intense competition from a low-cost, low-tax United States.
“Canadians deserve solutions to the challenges they face right now, not expensive programs for years down the road.
“Conservative will continue to be the voice of the taxpayer and we will not stay silent while Justin Trudeau nickel-and-dimes Canadians.”

Two Great Awards Ignored by the Liberals

Two awards created by conservatives. Two awards the Liberals chose to ignore.

The John Diefenbaker human rights and freedom award, and the Paul Yuzyk multiculturalism award honoured two great Canadians who made immense contributions to Canadian nationhood.

This erase-the-legacy game the Liberal government is playing is unbecoming of a government. They were elected to implement an agenda, not wipe out the legacy of the previous government.

This is my letter to the Minister of Canadian Heritage:



AB Jobs Taskforce Announcement

Joined my Calgary colleagues for the Alberta Jobs Taskforce report release today at Laser Equation, a Calgary based business, that shows off Alberta's home grown talent and can-do attitude.

 ABJT announcement video


The Plight of the Kurds in Iran: A Statement to Parliament

The Liberal government keeps talking about rewarding Iran with an embassy, but instead Canada should hold Iran accountable and stand in solidarity with our allies, the Kurds of eastern Kurdistan, against the persecution they continue to endure.

Airing the voice of my constituents: AB jobs crisis

After requesting emergency debate 8 times and getting shut down 8 times, we were finally able to debate the jobs crisis last night in parliament. Even with months to prepare, they still have no excuse for the way they consistently ignore Alberta. You can find the text of my speech here

Canada to Provide Weapons to Kurdish Forces

I welcome this decision by the Liberal government to share the details of the weapons and equipment being sent to the Kurdish peshmerga forces. Last September I encouraged the Minister of National Defense Harjit Sajjan to make public the specifics of the supplies and assistance being sent to Kurdish forces fighting Daesh. Our allies in the United Kingdom had done the same and I believe we should have been doing the same.

Yesterday’s announcement detailed that among other items, sniper rifles, anti-tank systems, scopes, and medical supplies would be provided.  This represents a valuable contribution to supporting our reliable and courageous Kurdish allies who have been fighting Daesh for years. 

The Kurdistan Regional Government has been a valued partner and an island of stability in the Middle East. I look forward to future opportunities whereby the government can again demonstrate its support for our Kurdish allies who are proving invaluable in degrading and destroying Daesh forces.