Canada to Provide Weapons to Kurdish Forces

I welcome this decision by the Liberal government to share the details of the weapons and equipment being sent to the Kurdish peshmerga forces. Last September I encouraged the Minister of National Defense Harjit Sajjan to make public the specifics of the supplies and assistance being sent to Kurdish forces fighting Daesh. Our allies in the United Kingdom had done the same and I believe we should have been doing the same.

Yesterday’s announcement detailed that among other items, sniper rifles, anti-tank systems, scopes, and medical supplies would be provided.  This represents a valuable contribution to supporting our reliable and courageous Kurdish allies who have been fighting Daesh for years. 

The Kurdistan Regional Government has been a valued partner and an island of stability in the Middle East. I look forward to future opportunities whereby the government can again demonstrate its support for our Kurdish allies who are proving invaluable in degrading and destroying Daesh forces.



For more information, please contact:

Adrian Papara

Director of Operations