Close to 35,000 Canadians sign petition calling on Liberal Government to support oil and gas industry


Yesterday I joined colleagues Shannon Stubbs and John Barlow to present petition e-216 signed by 34,537 Canadians from across the country, calling on the Liberal government to support the oil and gas industry, new pipelines across Canada, and hundreds of thousands of employed and unemployed oil workers. We were also joined by Mark Scholz, President of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) and David Lefebvre, Director General of the Quebec Oil and Gas Association.

The hardship experienced by those in the oilpatch was echoed by Bernard Hancock, an oil and gas worker struggling to stay employed while others continue to be out of work in the downturn. Bernard gave a heartfelt statement on the need for the Liberal government to support new pipelines.