Conservative Government To Increase Protection For Seniors Victims of Fraud


The Hon. Joe Oliver, Conservative Party candidate for Eglington-Lawrence, today announced a re-elected Conservative government would increase resources to fight fraud and introduce tougher minimum sentences on fraudsters.

“Fraud is the number one crime against Canada’s seniors,” said Joe Oliver.  “We need to protect Canadian seniors from fraud and punish those who perpetrate fraud against seniors and all Canadians.”
Mr. Oliver announced that a re-elected Conservative government will introduce new Criminal Code changes to ensure any financial fraud over $5,000 with multiple victims would trigger a two-year mandatory minimum sentence – even on first offence – unless the offender pays full restitution of all the stolen funds. He also announced that a re-elected Conservative government will increase resources for the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to focus on internet-based fraud against seniors.
“We will ensure that our laws and law enforcement agencies are able to keep pace with the ways criminals are attempting to defraud our seniors,” Oliver said, noting that it’s estimated that between $10 and $30 billion are lost each year to fraud in Canada.
He also highlighted the Conservative Party’s strong record of supporting seniors and fighting fraud against seniors, including the Standing Up For Victims of White Collar Crime Act and theProtecting Canada’s Seniors Act.
Only the Conservative Party will take action to punish fraudsters for financial crimes committed against seniors and other Canadians.
“Justin’s criminal justice priority is to change the law to allow the sale of marijuana in corner stores,” said Oliver.  “He doesn’t understand the increasing risks of internet fraud for our seniors.”
“Thomas Mulcair’s NDP champion a criminal justice policy that puts the so-called rights of criminals ahead of the rights of victims”.