Conservative Member’s Bill to Utilize Tax Forms to Register Organ Donors


This afternoon I seconded private member’s Bill C-316, An Act to amend the Canada Revenue Agency (organ donors) introduced by Len Webber, Member of Parliament for Calgary Confederation. The proposed legislation would ask Canadians on their annual tax return if they consent to having their provincial or territorial government informed of their desire to be added to their organ donor registry.

This bill is a sensible, cost effective way of using an existing and legally-binding document to annually update organ donor registries. The federal government would simply be collecting vital information and passing it along in a timely manner to ensure registries are up-to-date and as comprehensive as possible. The bill would respect provincial jurisdiction and utilize existing privacy and information sharing agreements.

Canada’s organ donation rate is among the world’s worst. More than 90% of Canadians support organ and tissue donation in theory, but less than 25% have made plans to donate. Four thousand-six hundred Canadians are awaiting a transplant and this bill has the potential to save many lives.

Earlier this year the Liberal government voted down private member’s bill C-223, An Act to establish the Canadian Organ Donor Registry and to coordinate as well as promote organ and tissue donation throughout Canada. As I said at that time, I will never stop advocating for public policy improvements that make the lives of organ recipients and donors better. With the introduction of Bill C-316, An Act to amend the Canada Revenue Agency (organ donors) today, I am delivering on that commitment.

In your service,

Tom Kmiec, MP

Calgary Shepard