Liberal government response to organ donation e-petition

The government has posted their official response to organ donation e-petition 642. A huge thanks to Shauna Rivait, the initiator of the petition, and the thousands of you who took the time to sign the petition and urge the government to support this life-saving legislation!


Following is their response:

"The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) extends its thanks to the petitioners for expressing their views with respect to organ and tissue donation.

Bill C-316 is a Private Members’ bill which seeks to amend the Canada Revenue Agency Act to authorize the CRA to enter into an agreement with a province or a territory regarding the collection and disclosure of information required for establishing or maintaining an organ donor registry in the province or territory.

Parliament’s consideration of a Private Members’ bill is determined by a specific process that follows the rules of Parliament. At the present time, Parliament has not yet scheduled Bill C-316 for consideration.

Should Bill C-316 be scheduled for consideration through the specific process mentioned above, the Government of Canada will review and respond to the bill. To respect the Parliamentary process, it would be premature for the Government of Canada to provide a position on Bill C-316 at this time. The petitioners may be assured that the CRA has taken note of the considerations they have presented and thanks them again for sharing their concerns."…/Respo…/421/e-642/421-01188_CRA_E.pdf