Motion to Increase Protection for Taxpayers

For Immediate Release 

MP Tom Kmiec backs motion to study CRA duty of care to taxpayers

February 26, 2016 - Ottawa, ON – Tom Kmiec, Member of Parliament for Calgary Shepard, has expressed support for a new motion that directs the Standing Committee on Finance to study and report to the House of Commons on the steps to create a duty of care owed by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) to taxpayers. The motion, introduced by Pat Kelly, Member of Parliament for Calgary Rocky Ridge, calls for the increased protection of Canadian individuals and businesses in their dealings with the CRA.

“I was pleased to second this motion brought forth by my colleague MP Pat Kelly. Canadian tax payers have the duty to make sure they file complete and honest tax returns each year and when they make a filing error they are accountable for it. Applying this same principle, it’s only right that we expect the same accountability from CRA tax auditors and assessors. If you make a mistake on your taxes, you pay for it. The same should apply to the CRA and their reassessments” said Kmiec. 

Furthermore, the motion specifically calls for amendments to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and making it legally enforceable. It also proposes empowering the CRA Ombudsman to direct the CRA to comply with Tax Court orders and official decisions.

“Although there are rare cases of gross negligence by the CRA, you have to look no further than the tax case of B.C. resident Irvin Leroux, where after a long legal ordeal and mistreatment by the CRA it was determined that he did not owe any back taxes” said Kmiec. He added “By amending the Taxpayer Bill of Rights we can ensure that the CRA takes reasonable and necessary steps to avoid frivolous, malicious and grossly negligent actions towards a taxpayer”.

Mr. Kmiec concluded by saying, “CRA, EI and immigration are among the most common cases that come across my desk when assisting my constituents. My constituents’ CRA cases tell me more needs to be done to improve the interactions between the CRA and the Canadian taxpayer.” 


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