June Campaign Update

The past few weeks have been full of signing up new members and door knocking on weekday evenings with volunteers. Six months ago we kicked off the campaign and have been working hard ever since meeting supporters, convincing the undecided and signing up new members to the Conservative Party of Canada. I have door knocked close to 15,000 homes but I have to say, the volunteers are truly the heart of this campaign. They’ve contributed hundreds of hours making phone calls, delivering brochures and door knocking. Our volunteers delivered another 2,000 brochures over just one weekend to potential supporters.


Buying a membership to support me in the nomination is the most effective way to help win this nomination. If you do not have a membership yet, signing up is quick and easy on the Conservative Party of Canada website or you can give my campaign a nudge by email tom@tomkmiec.ca or by phone at 587-315-3007.

Another way to help make a difference is to talk to your spouse, family, friends and colleagues about the Conservative nomination and my candidacy. I encourage you to forward this e-mail and explain to them why it is important to get involved in this stage of the democratic process. Every vote can make the difference and nominations are often won by a handful of votes.


If you can volunteer in the next few months then please let my volunteer coordinator, Priyanka, know of your interest and the types of tasks you would like to do. You can call, come out doorknocking with me one evening or you can deliver campaign brochures to prospective supporters. Priyanka’s email is priyankaruvelil[a]gmail.com.

Canada Day barbecue invite

My wife, Evangeline, and I are hosting friends and supporters for a fun Canada Day barbecue. If you would like to drop in, meet other conservatives and some new people then please RSVP. We look forward to seeing you!

Bill C-586, the Reform Act

I wrote a blog on June 12 outlining my view on the Reform Bill currently making its way through Parliament sponsored by a conservative member of parliament. The assigned name is Bill C-586, but it is commonly known as Michael Chong’s reform bill named after its sponsor. The supporters of the bill say that it would increase accountability for members of parliament and their leadership. I disagree. While I completely agree with the spirit of the proposed legislation, I disagree on the content of the bill and the way they have chosen to get more accountability. I encourage you to read my post and let me know what your thoughts are on the bill.

Nomination timing

We recently received the news that Jason Kenney was returned by acclamation as the nominated candidate for the riding of Calgary Midnapore. With the by-elections on-going in two Alberta ridings until June 30, nominations for non-incumbent ridings (those without a current conservative MP) may open any time after that date. We will keep you posted with the latest nomination information as soon as we know more.