Kidney March 2013 Recap

I've been neglecting to post a brief recap of the Kidney March this year. It was a tough go this year, including a stolen Kidney Foundation cargo van, an RCMP police chase, a downpour on Saturday and cold winds as a bonus.

But it was all worth it.

With the help of generous donors, I raised $9,100 for Alport Syndrome research and the Alberta Children's Hospital KidneyKids team raised over $50,000.

The first day of the March was pretty easy going for us marchers. I was ready mentally for the long trek and I had decided not to sit all day. It proved a great idea. Anybody who does over 30 kilometers walking in a day can attest that your muscles seize up as soon as you sit down. The only way to avoid it are to keep walking, stretch plenty and avoid being immobile.

The first day for the crew did not go so smoothly as we found out on the 2nd day. One of the cargo vans with supplies for the 1st day, including water, snacks and treats, was stolen by thieves who had just run over an RCMP spike belt. They had stolen a vehicle in Calgary and were fleeing outside of town. Of all the places to be immobilized it had to be next to a Kidney Foundation cargo van being unloaded of its precious cargo. No crew member was hurt, but it made the first day's edibles much more interesting (read: weird) as the crew team improvised as best they could. The RCMP eventually recovered the cargo van but I haven't heard whether they caught the thieves.

Day 2 was hard. It was raining hard in the morning so by noon time we were soaked. Thankfully, my loving wife brought dry towels and a change of clothes so I could change in Bragg Creek for the afternoon. Fresh clothing and a hoodie helped deal with the cold afternoon winds. The other marchers persevered and nearly everyone finished that second day. Speaking to many of them for whom it was their 4th time marching, they said this year was the hardest and that second day was by far the most challenging.

The last day was picture perfect. Just a little cloudy, warm enough to be able to not wear a hoodie and the usual route to Calgary Olympic Park.

I will leave with this family picture. My kids made the placard by themselves (oh and maybe some help from my talented wife). I did it for them, and I will do it again.

Till next year!