Kidney March 2013 Starts Tomorrow

It's finally here, the start of the 4th Annual Kidney March. Some of the marchers will have completed their 400th kilometer and likely worn out a great pair of walking shoes by then. While the weather might not be too great over the weekend, I'm sure that Kidney-Oke night and the great people participating on the Crew team will be keeping us as dry as possible.

Thanks to the generous donations of over 70 people I am at nearly $8,000. All of those funds will go towards Alport Syndrome research as I've asked the Kidney Foundation to dedicate that funding towards that purpose.

A huge kudos to Bonnie Janzen who has fundraised over $20,000 for the Kidney Foundation this year and to my Alberta Children's Hospital team captain, Julian Midgley, who is our team's top fundraiser (as well as the National President of the Kidney Foundation of Canada)

I will do my best to give you updates and post some photos from the Kidney March. Perhaps write up an account at the end of each day.