Kmiec Calls on Liberals to Recognize Genocide of Minorities in Northern Iraq


OTTAWA, April 20, 2016 – Tom Kmiec is calling out some Liberal Members of Parliament for preventing formal recognition of genocide perpetrated in Iraq. The Conservative Official Opposition sought a unanimous consent motion to recognize as genocide actions taken by Daesh (also known as ISIS). The MP for Calgary Shepard is concerned that a lack of unanimity – coming from the government’s own benches – will blunt what should be an unequivocal message against the so-called Islamic State and a message of solidarity with the Kurdish and Yazidi people and other ethnic and religious minority victims of Daesh.

Today in the United Kingdom, the House of Commons voted unanimously in favour of recognizing Daesh’s crimes against Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq as constituting genocide. On March 15, the United States House of Representatives voted unanimously to recognize these persecutions as genocide. This reflects a universal consensus to acknowledge the egregious nature of Daesh’s crimes.

“This is not an open question,” Kmiec says. “To fail to recognize the crime of genocide for what it is is a fundamental failure in leadership. I call on my colleagues across the floor to immediately and conclusively consent to designating these atrocities as genocide.”

Tom Kmiec is the chair of the Parliamentary Friends of the Kurds, an all-parties caucus dedicated to cultivating dialogue and forming stronger parliamentary ties with the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq.



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