MP Tom Kmiec endorses Maxime Bernier for CPC leadership



I have spent the better part of the last two months talking to members in my riding and to supporters about the federal conservative leadership race. I heard back from hundreds of them who provided me with feedback and outlined the types of qualities as well as ideas they wanted to see a new federal conservative leader to promote.
Nearly one year ago, I posted my thoughts on the conservative leadership. I strongly believed then and do now that the next leader of the conservative party needs to also lead the conservative movement, and that means promoting new and fresh ideas.
That’s why I am endorsing Maxime Bernier for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and will be joining his campaign team as Co-Chair for Alberta.
We differentiate ourselves from the Liberals and the New Democrats by our focus on grassroots but also on our ability to develop big, fresh new ideas. In 2019, Canadians won’t vote for us because we are cool or fashionable – they will only vote for us if we offer them a better set of ideas to improve their daily lives. We will earn their votes by convincing them that we do have their best interests in mind and that we believe our ideas will make Canada even greater than it is now.
Maxime is the only candidate for the conservative leadership offering bold, new free market ideas that energize our grassroots and give us a fighting chance in 2019. Maxime is an advocate of free markets, promotes popular capitalism and defends the interest of the taxpayer.
Maxime is a conservative by conviction, not opportunism.
I got into politics because I believe the battle of ideas is worth having. The price of caring about issues is eternal vigilance and activism. Balancing budgets, reducing taxes, open and accountable government, expanding free trade, pro-family tax policies and ending corporate welfare are not just good ideas because they fit a conservative worldview. They are good ideas because they allow for the greatest opportunity for individuals to make their own choices, choose their own path and achieve their own dreams.
Maxime has a proven record of articulating free market principles, expanding the reach of our ideas to new people and defending conservative values. He will unite our party, defend the constitution and run a strong electoral campaign of ideas in 2019.
As former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier said, Canada is free and freedom is our nationality.
With Maxime as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada we can ensure that free market ideas, fairness, respect and the unity of our movement are core parts of our refreshed conservative identity.
Let’s get it done.
Tom Kmiec, MP for Calgary Shepard