MP Transparency

It’s your money. Over the past few years, we have seen questionable expenses filed by politicians and the public has been rightly angered. MPs and Senators should be transparent and accountable to taxpayers with how they spend the public’s money.

The Conservative government has done more than most to ensure that there was a greater emphasis on accountability by overhauling federal laws with the Federal Accountability Act in 2006. It banned secret donations to candidates, strengthened the role of the Ethics Commissioner, toughened the lobbying rules and strengthened the auditing of government departments.

But more needs to be done. Taxpayers expect better.

What does this mean for Albertans?

As Albertans we expect our public officials to meet the gold standard in the disclosure of their expenses. We should be the leaders in Confederation on issues of transparency and accountability at all levels of government.

I am committed to being fully accountable to my constituents and to provide clear as well as easy to understand expense disclosures directly on my website out of respect for taxpayers.