NEB Modernization Fails Calgary and Risks Energy Jobs


For Immediate Release

May 18, 2017

Calgary, AB – Today, Tom Kmiec, Member of Parliament for Calgary Shepard, affirmed that many of the proposed reforms in a report from a Liberal-appointed panel tasked to modernize the National Energy Board (NEB) fail Calgary and energy workers across Canada. The report recommends that the NEB be replaced with two new agencies and its leadership moved from Calgary to Ottawa.

“It's clear that the NEB modernization report is about punishing Calgary for being Canada's energy capital with the know-how and expertise to maximize the NEB's effectiveness” stated M.P. Kmiec.

The proposed move and the panel’s view that the regulator needs a stronger connection to the federal government, hints at an Ottawa power grab and greater centralization by the Liberal government. The decision would reverse the previous move of the NEB from Ottawa to Calgary in 1992 at which time was seen as a good decision to keep it away from policy makers and proximal to the industry it oversees.

“This report is more Ottawa knows best nonsense. Moving NEB board members to Ottawa puts them closer to politicians and lobbyists. That's the wrong message to be sending industry” says M.P. Kmiec.

The report also proposes a two-step review process for major energy projects that would extend the review time from 15 months to three years. No amount of new red tape will ever satisfy opponents of energy infrastructure, regardless of how long the approval timeline is. 

“The Liberals’ NEB modernization is causing unacceptable process uncertainty and delays in Alberta, putting at risk thousands of high paying middle-class energy jobs. This regulatory uncertainty is building Canada’s reputation as a place not to do business and invest, and could have a major impact on the Canadian economy” said M.P. Kmiec.

The panel also held no engagement sessions in Calgary, the city that would be most impacted by the panel’s recommendations and proves yet again that Calgary always comes out short with the Liberals in Ottawa.


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