Take my Survey on the Parliament Hill Ice Rink!

Construction has wrapped up on the $5.6 million Parliament Hill skating rink, a teeth-grinding waste of tax dollars for the 99.999 per cent of Canadian taxpayers who will never put a blade to this ice, further adding to a deficit our grandchildren will have to pay.

It’s one block from the free Rink of Dreams at Ottawa City Hall and the free Rideau Canal, which is the longest outdoor skating rink the world!

And if you decide to skate on it, here are some rules you must abide by:

- no hockey allowed

- no food

- no rough housing

- no tag

- no figure or speed skating

- no carrying of children

- must reserve 2 days in advance for a 45-minute time slot!

Do you support the construction of the $5.6 million taxpayer funded skating rink on Parliament hill?