Speaking in support of the Canadian Organ Donor Registry Act

Today I spoke on Private Member’s Bill C-223, An Act to establish the Canadian Organ Donor Registry and to coordinate and promote organ and tissue donation throughout Canada, tabled by my colleague Ziad Aboultaif.

This is an issue I am passionate about from first-hand experience. My two oldest kids, Maximilian and Jolie, were both born with a condition called Alport syndrome, a chronic degenerative kidney disease. My wife, Evangeline, is also affected.

Like for many of you, this issue hits close to home and I will never stop advocating for public policy improvements that make the lives of organ recipients and donors better.

Canada’s organ donation rate is among the world’s worst. More than 90% of Canadians support organ and tissue donation in theory, but less than 25% have made plans to donate. While some provinces have a large percentage of citizens having indicated they wish to be organ and tissue donors, others have very few, far below the national average.

Working together we can make a small change that can save many Canadian lives. This proposed law would improve coordination, end bottlenecks and kick-off a national organ and tissue donation conversation.