Upcoming Shepard AGM

I am honoured to have been selected on October 4th as the next Conservative Party of Canada candidate for the new riding of Calgary Shepard. There is much work to be done ahead of the federal election in October 2015 beginning with the second annual general meeting for the electoral district association for Calgary Shepard.

I remember my first experience as a volunteer back in 2000 when in November, the Liberals called a snap election to catch us flat footed. I put up lawn signs, attended public events with our candidate and made phone calls whenever I could. On election night, we were crushed. We finished 4th but I made lifelong friends during those intense 4-5 weeks of campaigning and have never regretted my political volunteering. I have met great people, passionate Canadians and many friendships have come from volunteering.

Since then, I have campaigned to elect conservatives across three provinces at the federal, provincial and municipal level. It always starts with building a team ahead of the election, recruiting volunteers, asking supporters to reserve lawn signs, and getting our grassroots to do what they do best – get involved and make a difference. It’s what makes us different from the Liberals and the New Democrats.

Our great pursuit as conservatives is to preserve and extend freedom. We should ask ourselves always: Are we maximizing freedom of the individual and the family? While the opposition parties talk about creating new billion dollar federal programs for their pet issues, only we conservatives are asking how we can make the individual and the family better able to decide for themselves what is in their own best interests.

I encourage all members in Calgary Shepard to come out and join us at this important meeting in November. Let’s start the process of building a winning conservative team for the next federal election in October 2015.