Meet Tom Kmiec

Tom Kmiec was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada in the mid-1980s. Tom is serving his third term on behalf of the residents of Calgary Shepard. He is currently the Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and the vice-chairman of the Canada-China committee.

Tom previously held the positions of Shadow Minister for Democratic Reform, Deputy House Leader for the Official Opposition, and co-chair of the question period planning committee. He also served as the elected National Conservative Caucus Chairman. Tom has championed greater awareness for persons with rare disorders as well as tax fairness for persons with disabilities, laws governing equalization, and federal bereavement leave laws that passed in December 2021.

He earned a bachelor degree at Concordia University in Montreal and obtained a Master’s degree from Regent University in Virginia, USA. He has served for cabinet ministers both provincially and federally. Tom is a father of three living kids and lost a daughter to a rare condition called Patau Syndrome in 2018.

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